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I'm wondering what your immediate plans for EigenSolver are. I'm thinking about extending the unsupported MatrixFunctions module, partially because of the recent feature request in the bug tracker but also because I might need it myself.

The first step is computing the Schur decomposition. According to the source file comments, this is already implemented in EigenSolver::hqr (except that I need the complex Schur decomposition and EigenSolver computes the real Schur decomposition). However, that is a private function. Another problem is that the code is fairly messy and does not work for complex matrices. The todo page says that Benoit is to "polish (partially rewrite) eigensolvers", but I don't know what his plans currently are.

I see two possibilities for me to proceed.

1. I change EigenSolver to expose the Schur decomposition, work from there, and when Benoit or somebody else rewrites EigenSolver I use the new version. This allows me to work independently.

2. I rewrite EigenSolver along the lines of SelfAdjointEigenSolver, possibly working with Benoit (and others) to achieve this. This may be more useful (there is more interest in eigenvalue problem solvers than matrix function), but I'm not sure it's efficient because Benoit works much faster than me.

Any preferences?


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