[eigen] need to make a release for kde 4.3

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To summarize some emails that were sent on the kde-release-team list:
we must make a stable release of Eigen for KDE 4.3.

The problem is that 1) Step depends on eigen development branch and 2)
the development of eigen 2.1 is taken longer than initially hoped (we
are busy).

The easiest thing to shut up KDE complaints is to release a eigen
2.0.3 with the minimum amount of changes to make Step compile. The
idea making this acceptable is that essentially all changes would be
in the Sparse module which is clearly experimental. Outside of Sparse
we should only have to make the minimum changes needed for the Sparse
module changes. I'd say that as long as both Step and Krita compile,
it's OK.

We could just take the revision from when you had just ported Step,
and copy its whole Sparse directory. This revision should be much
closer to 2.0 than the current revision.

We can also call that release "2.0.3-kde" if we want to emphasise that
it doesn't make sense for anyone else.


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