Re: [eigen] How to resize a partially fixed matrix

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Am Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2009 schrieb Benoit Jacob:
> First of all the variant proposed:
> >> So I'm strongly for your code change, but changing the assertion to
> doesn't make me comfortable, again because a method that works for
> (partially)dynamic matrices should also work on fixed-size matrices of
> the same size, I am very reluctant here.
> So here's what I did (changeset b030f9866bae):
>     * add resize(int, NoChange) and resize(NoChange, int)
>     * add missing assert in resize(int)
>     * add examples for all resize variants
>     * expand docs (part of which is from Tim Hutt's e-mail)
> Now if you want we can add another name (or completely rename) the new
> resize(int, NoChange) and resize(NoChange, int).
> But perhaps it's good enough like this? i don't have a strong opinion.
> resizeHoriz(size) and colwise().resize(size) look nice but they aren't
> much shorter to type than resize(NoChange,size);
> Cheers,
> Benoit

Does this also work for fully dynamic matrices now?

So if I have

Matrix<double, Dynamic, Dynamic> mat;
mat.resize(NoChange, 5);

does this work? If yes, everything fine with me.


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