Re: [eigen] Std Vector again

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2009/6/27 Patrick Mihelich <patrick.mihelich@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I just took a look at the dev branch version of Eigen/StdVector, and it
> looks perfectly reasonable - specializing std::vector only when
> Eigen::aligned_allocator is used, so there's no requirement to include it
> before <vector>. Are there any known issues with this version?

Oh wait, yes you're right, I got confused between different versions of Eigen.

> BTW, it is possible to detect the existence of std::vector::resize(n, t) at
> compile time and enable the specialization only in that case. That seems
> more robust than trying to enumerate compiler versions. I can take a crack
> at that if it sounds useful.

I don't have an opinion there, it's Gael's stuff.


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