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Two things are covered in this patch.

1. Each operator new needs its corresponding operator delete. This was
not the case for in-place new/delete.
2. Operators new were declared with throw() which is not correct since
in the current standard implementation they may throw std::bad_alloc.
The throw() declaration was moved from new to delete which must never
3. Added no-throw new/delete. In order to allow user using no-throw
new and delete I just added them. The difference is that instead of
throwing an exception they return 0 in case of an allocation failure.

For the in-place new and delete I piped the calls to the global
in-place new and delete functions since actually no allocation is
performed. It is the job of the user to take care that when using
in-place new and delete the memory is properly aligned.

I ran the unit tests and all besides the new matrix exponential passed
- could not submit to the dashboard since the daily limit is reached.


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