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Hi Franck.

I'm not very familiar with cdash yet.
I thought people had clients on their computer and that the client would 
update the cdash by sending some information...

So anyway, if it is possible for every test system to switch to use the hg 
repository this is clearly the way to go. I can help if something is needed. 
The checkout and update would be as on described on the wiki.

There's no svn-mirror planned currently.

Last, i think Benoit has fixed something about cdash already :-)


In data lunedì 18 maggio 2009 19:24:00, FMDSPAM ha scritto:
> Hi, svn to hg mover
> With respect to the cdash automatism (may I have overseen some info or
> the time isn't ripe yet):
> Is there any svn mirror of the current hg "trunk" (if "trunk" is correct
> hg nomenclature) to be used by cdash?
> Or is an svn planned in the future?
> Or is the cdash-automatism to be rearranged to proper use the hg
> repository?
> best regards
> Frank

Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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