Re: [eigen] Submitting patch to add pkg-config support

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Thanks, patch applied!

To all: the beauty of HG is that i didn't even have to write a commit message!!

2009/5/19 Rhys Ulerich <rhys.ulerich@xxxxxxxxx>:
> (Second attempt-- sorry if a duplicate)
> Attached is an 'hg export' patch that adds pkg-config support against
> trunk.  On a non-WIN32 system this installs lib/pkgconfig/eigen2.pc
> alongside the include/eigen2/... headers.  The motivation for the
> patch is that installing the pkgconfig file allows autoconf users to
> easily see if Eigen is installed using the PKG_CHECK_MODULES macro.
> Please double check me on the CMake details-- I've not used it before.
> - Rhys

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