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There are two important issues for KDE switching to a dvcs, which are not 
currently solved by either mercurial or git (how to do atomic commit spanning 
several different repositories, and how to ensure authentication with a a 
dvcs). They clearly are geared toward git (Thiago has experience, he did the 
svn->git migration at Trolltech i think), but those issues are blockers. I 
tried to find a solution using mercurial, but i'm not satisfied with it yet.

That's why I don't see KDE moving to git (or anything else) soon. Thiago has 
some scripts, but they only do the conversion (which is probably not that 
hard, only it takes time because KDE is huge).


On Saturday 02 May 2009 12:25:18 Benjamin Schindler wrote:
> Hi
> Another issue is that kde is most likely switching to git (even though
> progress isn't huge, I think It will be done). When eigen is still a
> part of kde, managing eigen in git is beneficial for that reason.
> I know - tools are needed. But I'm sure the kde guys have some code
> lying around no?

Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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