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Finally, I committed your work. Sorry for the long delay, been busy
with KDE 4.3 stuff.

I couldn't apply directly your patch, as instead it was to be
committed as the start of a new unsupported module, MoreVectorization.

So look in unsupported/Eigen/src/MoreVectorization/ and see if you
like it. I ran your test on it, it works.

Hope that now it will be much easier to add more unsupported
vectorized functions, now that the infrastructure is in place.

What would be nice would be to take your test code (from your second
attachment) and make it a new unittest in unsupported/test/ in Eigen's
unit test format.

As for adding more vectorized functions: now that we have this
unsupported module, it sure doesn't hurt to add more. You decide for
yourself if a given function is worth your time coding!


2009/3/30 Rohit Garg <rpg.314@xxxxxxxxx>:
> This file has the patch for sse implementation of asin. I have written
> it along the lines of the cephes library. I have dropped one branch
> which cephes takes that for x<1e-4 asin(x) is the same as x. Also I
> don't know how to handle out of range inputs, so I dropped the error
> checking. Perhaps, the user should be more careful before calling this
> function. I dunno if it will return NaN for out of range inputs. I
> wrote this in the MathFunctions.h file using as much of eigen's
> abstraction so someone porting it to Altivec won't curse me too much.
> :)
> Also I noted that Gael while committing my input had to write a fair
> amount of top level code since I was writing pure intrinsic functions.
> So I cut some slack here and decided to write it as close to eigen's
> final implementation as I could. Unfortunately, it means that since I
> am not sure of what else do I need to patch, I couldn't test it. :(
> But it is a very simple one, so perhaps no errors made it through. :)
> On a related note, perhaps we should have an ei_psel function since it
> is going to be used a lot (in transcendental functions atleast) so
> would help with porting to altivec.
> --
> Rohit Garg
> Senior Undergraduate
> Department of Physics
> Indian Institute of Technology
> Bombay

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