Re: [eigen] FLENS C++ expression template Library has excellent documentation

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2009/4/17 Andre Krause <post@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello EIGEN - List,
> i want to point you to the lib FLENS. It provides a C++ Interface to BLAS and
> LAPACK in a expression template manner. I am mentioning flens here, because it
> may be a source of inspiration for further eigen2 design desicions.

Do you have something specific in mind? We took the different approach
of replacing BLAS and LAPACK, rather than wrapping around them.
Although there is work left to do, we are at the point where, given
sufficient contributions, we can hope to quickly become a complete
enough replacement for a vast majority of users.

> here is the very extensive documentation:

Wow, he wrote a 160-page book ?! And that's not doxygen generated, but
completely handwritten and TeX'd ?! Seriously this is impressive, but
I don't see us doing that. We simply don't have time... unless someone


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