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> So, in which area does Intel MKL still have a long-term lead? I would
> say parallelization. We haven't started that yet and it is probably a
> very, very tough one. It's what I have in mind when I say that a
> BLAS/LAPACK wrapper is still welcome.

Why do you think parallelization is very difficult? Do you mean
parallelization nfrastructure?  AFAICS, using openmp will be cool. Let
compiler handle all the dirty buisness etc This is something I want to
explore (time availability is of course important !) so I would like
some heads up.

> appropriate. The downside is very long compilation times -- 3 seconds
> for a trivial program and 10 seconds for a typical file, and remember
> that this is only basic operations, since for the nontrivial stuff it
> relies on LAPACK. Extrapolating, this suggest the order of magnitude
> of 1 minute to compile any of our big linear algebra algorithms.

As some one whose programs take days aka lots of iterations (I kid you
not) to run. A microsecond here and a millisecond there matter a LOT
to me. May that's why I don't care if I need an hour to compile just
500 lines of code. :)  But still why bother with compilation speed? I
mean runtime performance should matter more right.

Rohit Garg

Senior Undergraduate
Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology

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