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I was looking through the svn log and i found this

r944892 | ggael | 2009-03-26 18:20:24 +0530 (Thu, 26 Mar 2009) | 6 lines

* enable vectorization of sin, cos, etc. by default with an option to
  disable them (-DEIGEN_FAST_MATH=0)
* add a specialization of MatrixBase::operator*(RealScalar) for fast
  "matrix of complex" times scalar products (even more useful for
  autodiff scalar types)

1) It could be obvious but what does the DEIGEN_FAST_MATH macro do?

2) do you feel there is place for fast implementations of such
transcendental functions in eigen? I think we should clearly advertise
in the documentation that the SSE version is for 'fast-operations' as
seems to be the case. BTW, automagically enabling these when the user
compiles with -ffast-math would be cool.

3) any particular reason why the sincos4f from the Julian's sources
hasn't made it in yet?

Rohit Garg

Senior Undergraduate
Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology

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