Re: [eigen] patch to add ACML support to BTL

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Hi all.
It sure took a while to run all the benchmarks with all the libraries
available to me... I wish I had read the instructions more carefully and
hadn't wasted any time testing multithreaded libraries...
Anyways, the results are on the wiki:

Gael Guennebaud wrote:
> Hi Victor,
> thanks a lot for the patch.
> applied in rev 935462, the syr2 header will follow in a second.
> so what's your conclusion, is ACML as good as MKL ?
Unfortunately, no. ACML is not bad though. It's hard to say once and for
all, but most of the time MKL beats ACML. Even on an AMD CPU MKL is
typically better. ACML shows decent performance (even on Intel CPU), on
average similar to ATLAS, but again results differ from test to test.
The good thing about ACML (and MKL, Goto and ATLAS) is that they can be
used in multithreading mode, which unfortunately can't be demonstrated
with BTL as far as I can tell.

Also, it looks like in comparison with other libs Eigen does better on
Intel than on AMD.

Out of curiosity, I have also run BTL with Eigen compiled with 4
different compilers. Well, 3 different gcc versions and intel c++. See
the results here

I hope this might be useful to somebody.

fn:Victor Prosolin
org:University of Calgary;Department of Physics and Astronomy
title:PhD student

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