Re: [eigen] Revision 925153 (and a tiny bug, I think)

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2009/3/31 Markus Moll <markus.moll@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Yesterday, I ran into a very nasty bug in Eigen 2.0 that has been fixed in
> r925153. In short, this bug made MatrixBase<...>::col() reference wrong
> (consecutive) elements with row major matrices. As I don't think I am the only
> one using row major matrices with eigen, my question would be if this wouldn't
> warrant a minor bugfix release (2.0.1?) with just the patch r925152 -> r925153
> applied? In my opinion, this is a serious issue with this otherwise fantastic
> library.

This fix was already backported to the stable branch, along with many
others. Yes, we plan to release 2.0.1 soon with these fixes.

> While browsing the code in order to find out what happened, I think I have
> also discovered a (non-severe) bug in one of the assertions that is still
> present in HEAD. The assertion tests RowsAtCompileTime != Dynamic twice, while
> I firmly believe that one test should be ColsAtCompileTime != Dynamic.

Thank you, patch applied to both trunk and the stable branch.


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