Re: [eigen] VS2008, f2c, lapack and svn version 922018

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Gael Guennebaud schrieb:

can you be more specific:
I will try to be:
- Do you use cmake ?
- Which Eigen modules do you include before the errors ? Eigen/Sparse ?
nope I dont use cmake, Eigen is simply included via
 #include <Eigen/Core>
 #include <Eigen/Array>
 #include <Eigen/LU>
 #include <Eigen/SVD>
- Is you included Eigen/Sparse which backends did you enabled ?
(Taucs, Cholmod, UmfPack, SuperLU ?)
as you can see I am not using Eigen/Sparse, but Taucs as well as Lapack, are included directly in the project
- Does the compiler tell you where is the other definition of "real"
and "complex" ?
Unfortunately, Visual Studio isnt telling me where the other definition is.
You can also try to include f2c.h and other relevant headers before
Eigen's headers.
No luck there, it is included before Eigen...

I will try to digg a little deeper...


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