[eigen] VS2008, f2c, lapack and svn version 922018

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Hi Guys,

first of all, thank you very much for all the effort you put into this library !

Since friday morning, (SVN Version 922018) the lib breaks my current project, where I use lapack and the fortran to C header file (f2c.h)

The error is :
Error    1    error C2872: 'real' : ambiguous symbol   \lapack\f2c.h    15
Error 3 error C2872: 'complex' : ambiguous symbol \lapack\f2c.h 128
and after a lot of those messages:

Error 204 fatal error C1003: error count exceeds 100; stopping compilation \blas\BLAS.h 27

if this is already known , sorry for any inconvenience, keep up the great work !

with kind regards,

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