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Armin Berres schrieb:
On Mon, 05 Jan 09 16:37, FMDSPAM wrote:
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Hi List,<br>
I just want to drop additional information (see picture) into this

Ok, so it wasn't to late yesterdays and the sizes are really as reported

Do you know what is about the ?class member?
a) Eigen::MatrixBase... (Size is 1)
and b) Eigen::ei:_matrix_with_aligned... (Sieze is 1 too)

If this two ?class member? are regular, then the minimal Size of m should be 1+1+sizeof(float) = 6, correct?
With some alignment-magic maybe the array-part starts later and sizeof(m)=8.
(0xFD4C - 0xFD48 = 4)

So, the question is: Are a) and b) regular member variables.

Again, sorry if i miss the point. I'm not an expert at all

PS: And please don't send HTML-only mails. As you can see above this is
no fun in Mutt and friends. The best is to not send HTML-Mails at all.


Ähm, yes, sorry :-[


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