Re: [eigen] strange sizeof on windows

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I haven't used eigen for a while, but in beta2 I had a similar problem.

The offset of the actual float variable in the matrix was not zero for me,
due to some zero-sized structure or base class taking up actual memory.

The code generation was also incredibly bad (call stack depth of 5+ for a*x+y), but as I paused my project at that time, I did not check whether it was my fault.


Benoit Jacob wrote:

Yesterday with Armin we hit a very very strange issue with MSVC 2008
(vectorization enabled).
The test_sizeof was failing for him, on the first subtest (Matrix<float,1,1>).
It turned out that he had sizeof(Matrix<float,1,1>)=8, sizeof(float)=4.

What can possibly have happened?
I've been thinking about possible bugs in the logic of
ei_matrix_storage but that wouldn't be compiler-dependent and of
course I don't have this issue here with gcc...




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