Re: [eigen] strange sizeof on windows

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2009/1/5 Robert Carnecky Jr. <robin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> No, that was in full optimization mode with link time code generation.
> It was also orders of magnitude slower than plain C and crashed because my
> data was not
> correctly aligned due to the sizeof-problem above. So I figured I did
> something wrong with
> the compiler or preprocessor settings :)

I remember now that we recently (around beta3) realized that msvc was
massively failing to inline trivial functions -- sounds very related
to what you are reporting
We fixed that by using __forceinline with MSVC. So this issue should
be fixed now...

That said, older compilers (gcc 4.1, msvc 2005) don't give very good
performance with Eigen. (I don't have precise numbers for msvc though)



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