Re: [eigen] Instability in LLT and LDLT methods.

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On Wed, 28 Jan 2009, Benoit Jacob wrote:

When solving a linear system with an invertible matrix, partial pivoting performs as well as complete pivoting, doesn't it? LAPACK uses partial pivoting, as does GSL.

No, partial pivoting fails even for invertible matrices of size
200x200, and fails consistently at sizes like 1000x1000.

How did you arrive at this conclusion? I'm by no means an expert in numerical linear algebra, but the books I have (including Golub & Van Loan, Matrix Computations, 3e and Higham, Accuracy and Stability ..., 2e) say that partial pivoting should work fine.

I think that LAPACK and GSL do a hybrid of partial and full pivoting
that I have yet to understand.

That's not what their documentation says:

In any case, anything less than full pivoting will fail in certain cases. I believe that LAPACK's implementation will only fail on specially tailored matrices, but still, if I understand how their hybrid pivoting works, I can construct an invertible matrix making it fail, even without specially weird coefficients. So I'm not comfortable with this, all this insecurity for, what, at 50% speedup.

I think a 50% speedup is a worthwhile target. At least for vector solves, you can compute the residual and redo the computation with complete pivoting if necessary.


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