[eigen] pre-RC1 testing needed

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As you could see, there were a lot more changes than expected going
into RC1. Now we think it's ready, but we aren't able to test on many
platforms and typically it's expected that the recent changes may
cause minor breakage (like compilation errors) on some platforms.

So testing is much appreciated.
- build and run unit tests
- build and run your own software using eigen

We are specifically interested in the following setups:
* MSVC 2008 with SSE2 enabled
* MSVC 2005 (SSE isn't used here)
* Old GCC (from 3.3 to 4.1) (SSE isn't used here) including, but not only, MinGW
* ICC, recent versions, with SSE2
* Power machine with AltiVec enabled
* BSD (Free/Open/Net/PC) with SSE2 (if you have GCC >= 4.2) or AltiVec enabled

No unit test is supposed to fail!!


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