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2009/1/16 Timothy Hunter <tjhunter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi all,
> for your information, some people at Willow Garage (the company behind the
> ROS project) recently review all the math libraries we are currently using
> in the tree, and eigen has been selected for all further math development:


> Thanks again for this wonderful library. Due to the soon-to-come release of
> kde 4.3,

You mean 4.2 :)

> do you plan to branch it to separate the unstable/experimental
> features from the stable branch?

Yes, next week we create the 2.0 branch and we release RC1. A couple
of days later, the final 2.0 release.
(I was going to post about this soon)

The longer term plan is to have a 2.1 release shortly before KDE 4.3.


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