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On Tuesday 20 January 2009, Benjamin Schindler wrote:
> Since qt will become lgpl and community can engage:
> Isn't the reason for the Q-Containers stl compatibility issues across
> Operating systems? If so, these issues should be gone by now. So if qt
> could use the stl containers that would reduce maintenance for trolltech
> and make it easier for eigen because you could use the existing
> std::vector wrapper.
It's hardly the place for such discution :) But in short, it's not going to happen, if the lack of stl support across various platform was the original reason behind those container, over the time, Trolltech have made their container behave differently, and most of the time better, in term of efficiency, also the container are implicitely shared (aka, data is copied only when the list is edited). All this makes it very unlikely to see those containers go away, ever.

Cyrille Berger

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