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2009/1/20 Gael Guennebaud <gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Issue3:
> The last issue I found is with QVector::fill(const T&,size_t) which is
> the equivalent of std::vector<T>::resize(size_t,T). Here the argument
> is passed by reference so no alignment issue. The problem is the use
> of the default ctor and operator= to initialize/copy the new elements
> while our operator= does not allow to set an uninitialized matrix.

Notice that this issue 3 only affects dynamic-size Eigen objects.
Most of the times a user will want to use a Qt container, that will be
on a fixed-size object, like QVector<Eigen::Vector2d>.
So if all else fails, it seems acceptable to me to say that
QVector<Eigen::VectorXd> doesn't work.

Reason why statistically this will almost never be a problem:
* Qt containers are typically used in close-to-GUI stuff
* dynamic-size Eigen objects are typically used in heavy backend stuff

So i think that most users will find it OK to be told to use std::
containers instead in this case.


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