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Στις Tuesday 27 January 2009 18:28:29 ο/η Benoit Jacob έγραψε:
> PS. Need to check that the zlib license is OK to relicense to LGPL and
> in any case it's good manners to get in touch with the author "Grunt
> the peon" ;)

Just a note: the SSE version is not IEEE754 compliant. You might want to 
notify the user about that, in case precision is important. In that topic, I'm 
working on rewriting optimised versions of all/most math functions (for now 
32-bit float versions, doubles and quads will follow) in the math C library. 
So far, performance is 50-200% faster without using any asm at all, just pure 
C, I just changed the approximation algorithm used. We intend to publish a 
paper with full mathematical proof along with the code in the next couple of 
months with this. As a side project, I intended to write vectorised versions 
of some of the functions for eigen, but this will have to wait as totally 
overwhelmed with some projects until the end of February :(



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