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Dear Benoit

Benoit Jacob schrieb:
Dear Frank

2008/12/13 FMDSPAM <fmdspam@xxxxxxxxx>:
Dear Mr. Benoit,
(Note: Benoit is my first name)
Oops, sorry.
I develop a closed source, commercially distributed application
To cut a long story short: Yes you may use Eigen for a commercial
application, and you don't have to release any of this application's
source code.

A long part of the kind answer to my questions.

Read the LGPL v3, it's surprisingly readable for legalese:

See especially paragraph 3:
Yes, paragraph 3 is readable and without harm to me.

I was worried about something in in paragraph 4 "Combined Works" but after your answer I have reread in §0 "Additional Definitions" the section:

A “Combined Work” is a work produced by combining or linking an Application with the Library. The particular version of the Library with which the Combined Work was made is also called the “Linked Version”.

So, in my understanding now (and please correct me if I'm wrong) the following is true:

Using a header only lib, aka producing "object code incorporating material from library header files is not combining works in the the sense of the LGPLv3 and therefore not covered by paragraph 4 "Combined Works".

Thank you again.



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