Re: [eigen] Usage of Eigen2 in a closed source application

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Benoit wrote:
... I now remember (sorry that I didn't remember before...) that we had luck in the past contacting the FSF at the address licensing@xxxxxxx. They were positive that "the
LGPL v3 is perfectly suited for C++ template libraries":

>When application developers use such header files whose materials are
>incorporated directly into the object code, they only need to provide
>notice that they're using your library, and include a copy of LGPLv3
>with their application.

So I'm pretty confident that you're out of trouble but feel free to
ask them your more specific questions regarding closed-source software
and the interpretation of sections 0 and 4...

Don't worry, I'm fine and comfortable with your (personal) clarification how you want to understand the LPGLv3 for Eigen2 in regard to closed source applications. But i will continue my quest of meaning of sec. 0 and 4 , thank you for your hints.

Joyeux Noël


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