[eigen] Updated preview of beta3

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Hi List,

Let's make sure that beta3 really rocks :)

I updated this tarball,

Changes since the first preview:
* SSE vectorization disabled for MSVC 2005 and older, as it lacks
important SSE intrinsics (ei_pfirst).
   SSE vectorization should work fine with MSVC 2008, please test and report.
  (Notice that SSE vectorization was already disabled for GCC 4.1 and
older, so really vectorization is only
   for recent enough compilers).
* if exceptions are enabled then we throw bad_alloc, after patch by
Kenneth Riddile.
* you can now control or disable stack allocation by setting
EIGEN_STACK_ALLOCATION_LIMIT. (Set it to 0 to disabled.
  Notice that it's only ever used on the linux platform).

Notice that if you want a guarantee to have a bad_alloc exception if
any allocation fails, you need to disable stack allocation as it has
completely undefined behavior when it fails.



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