Re: [eigen] A complex FFT for Eigen

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Benoit Jacob schrieb:

Fourier Transform is by definition using complex numbers.

As far as the math aspect is concerned -- I know ;)
My question was more, is it in practice used that way or is it somehow
hidden like e.g. with Fourier series when one splits off the cos and
sin parts of the fourier series that is basically a complex series

We (as my laserphysics institute group) are using fourier transform for transforming from frequency to time domain bakc and forth (using complex numbers, because the phase is very much relevant) and for fourier optics which is a transformation between the diffracting domain and the fourier domain where the phase and amplitude of the light wavefront is required for computation. So from my view it is very common to have complex numbers, in case you are interested in the phase.


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