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Hi all,

in the sparse module I added a LDL^T factorization / solver based on
the code of the LDL library which is LGPL 2.1 or later. The initial
code is about 50 lines of code and for double only, so it is much
better to simply copy/paste it in Eigen and adapt it to make it
suitable for any scalar types, etc... (this is what I did).  This code
concerns only 2 functions of the SparseLDLT class. My question is
regarding legal issues: how should I proceed for the license and
copyright ?  Perhaps I should put the implementation of these 2
functions in a separate file with "LGPL2.1 or later" only for the
license (and of course credit the author Timothy Davis) ? This might
also be a problem since the rest of Eigen2 is also GPL3, so maybe I
could also ask the author to allow us to relicense it as  "LGPL2.1 or
later or GPL3"  ???

As you can see I'm newbie with such issues, so what do you think ?



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