[eigen] delaying beta2 a bit?

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sorry, i really didn't have time to do the doc improvements that i wanted.
So we have 2 options:
- releases beta2 now and say that more doc improvements come in the
next beta or rc;
- or delay beta2.
Since i'd rather focus on documentation than making releases, i'd say
let's do solution 2, the only drawback is
that the online documentation isn't updated for now, but every serious
user of trunk will know how to do "make doc" by now...

- KOffice seems to be delayed to January or something like that
- Avogadro hasn't quite yet reached API stability so it probably also
won't release before January.
This means that if we want we too can release eigen2 in january. I
think that taking all our time with this beta cycle has already
resulted in many improvements, and I think we can continue like this.

My personal schedule (i knew that in advance and discussed with Gaël)
is that i put all my teaching at 1st semester, that's why i'm busy
now. I'll be more available after.

What do you think of:
- beta2 in 2 weeks, with docu improvements (i promise!)
- rc1 in early january. By rc I mean a real release candidate i.e. we
expect it to be the final release. Not "ridiculous count" as Linus
puts it.



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