Re: [eigen] eigen1 removed from trunk; planning eigen2 beta2

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On Monday 17 November 2008 17:31:46 Keir Mierle wrote:
> > By the way Keir: for libmv, is it important that the QR and SVD get API
> > stable
> > soon? Do you have a rough timetable?
> It doesn't matter as long as the API doesn't change dramatically. We
> include a copy of Eigen2 in our source tree so there are no compatibility
> issues. Worse case we have to update our own usage to the new API. We have
> pretty good tests, so updating to a new API is straightforward.

OK, perfect. Obviously, the API changes are going to be small at the scale of 
Eigen since most modules become API stable with the 2.0 release, and usage of 
QR and SVD modules is typically concentrated at relatively few places in user 



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