Re: [eigen] Bugs in Mat::Random, reductions

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Hi Ben,

I assume by unittest you mean "simple program that is actually built, hence tested".

Whenever we can, of course we do that, including in the tutorial. We have the CMake infrastructure to build examples and even snippets and incorporate their output into the dox.

However sometimes it's not practical. If you want to quickly show off some operations without any declaration, it's not easy to find a way of completing your snippet into something compilable. An example is ìf you want to show off corner, you do "m.corner<4,4>(BottomLeft).setZero()", if you want to make that compile you need to declare m which obfuscates the snippet.


Hi Benoit,
I suggest that instead of retyping the unittest into the tutorial, why not directly link to the relevent unittest in the code repository? Then the example has to be correct.



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