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Hi folks --

I've been messing around with Eigen (after trying a few other linear algebra libs) and I'm starting to document a few of the points that have stumped me at first. I'll just keep committing those changes unless someone explicitly objects.

A few notes:

- When matrix sizes are specified as template parameters they can blow up the stack if you're using large matrices. I documented that, but it might be nicer if the code automatically picked up on the large size and used heap allocation

- MatrixBase::norm2() sounds like it should be an l2 norm (l2 norms in uBLAS are "norm_2", for instance). If that wasn't there in Eigen 1 it's probably worth changing. It's a little confusing having norm() and norm2() which would seem naturally to be an l1 and l2 norm. I'll add a docs comment there since that cost me a couple hours today.

- Would it make sense to ditch RowVector and just have operator*() sort out the column / row priority based on the operands?



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