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Benoît Jacob wrote:
Indeed, there is no default value. I'll update the docs to mention that you can use the special value Eigen::Dynamic.

Already did.  In bold.  :-)

Yes but I said a _fixed_ size of that order of magnitude. With a size of 3000000 x 24 one needs to use a dynamic-size matrix i.e. something like

MatrixXd m(3000000,24)

where MatrixXd is a typedef for Matrix<double,Dynamic,Dynamic>.

I'll update the docs to make clear that fixed-size matrices are allocated as fixed-size arrays hence are only for small sizes.

Already did.  With \warning  :-)

We can always add that as a convenience function, but it can't replace the others. Indeed, such a function could be implemented with the formula that I gave in the previous e-mail, but for the most important special cases p=1,2,infinity, it would be much slower than a specialized function.

if(p == 2)
   // do it the fast way
   // do it the general way

I still believe that norm() should return the l2 norm, but I agree with the need to clarify things much more in the documentation, I could agree with adding convenience functions l1Norm() l2Norm() lInfNorm() and why not lpNorm(RealScalar p) and I agree with the API change you propose below:

To be clear -- I agree that l2 is the most important norm and it makes sense for it to be the default for norm() -- just when norm() and norm2() were next to each other, it was confusing.

Also already updated in the docs.  :-)



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