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Hi List,

I plan to release alpha6 on Tuesday. This is when eigen2 is able to do 
everything that eigen1 did, so porting of applications can really start.

I would like to discuss how we should treat kdesupport. There are two 

1) we keep developing in a branch and occasionnally make a "release" into 

2) we move the development itself to kdesupport. Experimental code can still 
be developed in branches.

Note, eigen1 and eigen2 can coexist in kdesupport. Also note, there is no 
freeze in kdesupport.

The other libs in kdesupport seem to be doing 2).

Some experimental code like AltiVec support is not easy to extract to a 
separate branch, so it could stay in trunk but disabled by default. On the 
other hand, separate modules like Sparse can easily go in branches.

IMHO we should eventually do 2) but we can discuss if we should wait longer 
before that.


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