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thanks a lot for the debug in the geometry module !

So what next ? some grep on kde trunk tell me:

kgllib uses eigen1
kritaplugins/panorama uses eigen1
playground/solidcreator uses eigen1

that's it for eigen1, now what about other matrix/vector classes
(excluding QMatrix and QTransform of course):

digikam uses its own matrix class
kipi-plugins/jpeglossless uses digikam matrix class
playground/kldraw uses its own classes
playground/tamponi uses gsl
marble uses its own quaternion class and a "typedef qreal[4][3] matrix;" !
kpovmodeler uses its own matrix/vector classes
step uses gmm
kmplayer uses its own matrix class (looks like QTransform or Eigen::Transform2f)
kscreensaver/lorenz uses a Matrix3D class coming from ??

this list is just to give an overview of the current uses of
matrix/vector in KDE trunk, and that's it... nevertheless I think
kgllib should really be ported to eigen2 before it goes into KDE, and
I'm willing to do it if the main developer agree of course. Indeed, I
think kgllib could complement very well Eigen2's geometry module thus
avoiding the need to add an OpenGL module in Eigen2. Well maybe not,
in case kgllib goes into kdelibs this would only makes sense for
projects already having a dependency to kde... let's see.


On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 7:09 AM,  <jacob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I ported another project to Eigen2. This time we're talking about Avogadro,
> a visual molecule manipution program. Avogadro is different from other
> molecular visualization software in that it is not just a viewer, but a
> complete molecular editor and analysis suite. It offers an app and also a
> library that is being used in Kalzium to offer a simplified interface to
> some of that functionality.
> Just give it a try -- creating molecules from scratch, while their shape is
> being adjusted in runtime by a forcefield, is rather exhilarating.
> Eigen provides the whole geometry framework, so this porting gave our
> Geometry module a good testing and prompted several API improvements and bug
> fixes.
> Check it out at:
> Cheers,
> Benoit
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