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Hi all,

(David: CC'ing you as I think you still aren't subscribed, right?)
(Ronnie: can you send plain-text instead of html messages please?)
(To both: we have a IRC channel, #eigen on

Thanks to Ronnie for the updated owl. Before commenting on it I'd like to 
discuss some generalities:

Given the outstanding quality of David's and Ronnie's drawings, I am starting 
to think that we _must_ find a way to use them _both_. I just don't see 
myself turning either down. So I'm asking the list: can you think of a way we 
could justify having both? Would Ronnie's owl be the professor and David's 
owl the student (as Ronnie's one looks serious and David's looks funny) ?? Or 
please come up with your scenario. The owls could be used at many places in 
the website, not just as the wiki logo, so there is room for both (even 
better if each artist contributes more than one pic).

One more big advantage of taking both is that I no longer feel the need to ask 
each artist to realize each and every of my ideas for the owl. More freedom 
for the artists. This also leaves the possibility open for future artists to 
contribute more owls. The more the merrier. Eigen's wiki will soon look like 
a zoo and that's not a bad thing.


OK, with this out of the way, let's discuss your "beta1" owl (you're ahead of 
eigen 2 which is just at alpha4).

What I like:
- It now looks like a professor
- The clothing is very professor-like
- It is starting to have a funny air
- You were right to borrow the book&spectacles from David's.
- very professional drawing style

It is still very very different from what I imagined but I don't regard this 
anymore as a problem, since we'll keep both (David's already matches my 
vision very closely).

Conclusion, to David and Ronnie: the rules have changed, now just feel free to 
design your owls like you wish! It's great to have two different ones.



On Monday 31 March 2008 17:42:55 Ronnie Tucker wrote:
>  Hi all,
>  Here's my latest sketch with book and spectacles blatantly stolen from
> David's sketch.  :-D
>  Ideas to create a v2 beta2 would be to make the tie more crumpled,
> possibly Dilbert style? Maybe even give him stubby legs and un-ironed
> trousers?
>  I dunno, I'll let you guys pass judgement   :-)
>  Thanks for looking!

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