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Hi Ronnie,

First off, thanks for the precaution of not sending the attachment directly to 
the list. I asked Tuxfamily admins about this yesterday, and attachments up 
to at least 200 kB are OK. So in the future you can write directly to this 
list (though if you can upload to a ftp server, it's always best). If you 
have a bigger file, then just send it to me and I'll upload it.  Also I'd 
suggest that you subscribe to this list: send a mail with 
subject "subscribe" to eigen-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In my opinion, your sketch shows impressive cartooning technique! We already 
received sketches from one artist, David, and have been discussing them on 
this list, so I would strongly suggest that you read the mails that were 
exchanged on this list in the past two days, so you get a more precise idea 
of were we are going: see here the archive:
and especially the thread "Owl sketch".

In particular, looking at your sketch, I would like to make these comments:
* I'd like the body to be bigger (or the head to be smaller) as currently the 
head/body size ratio really evocates a baby. I'd say that your sketch is 
top-class in cuteness but not funny enough. Also, I've been imagining our owl 
as being somewhat fat.
* What I am looking for is an owl that "tries" to look wise and "professorly" 
but turns out to be looking foolish.
* I would like our owl to look fluffy, like it has "too many feathers".
* You can see such comments, and many more, in the "Owl sketch" thread
* Conclusion / general comment: as I said, you have an impressive technique 
(are you a professional cartoonist?); but your owl, in its spirit, is quite 
far away from what I imagined.

To all: it seems that we have great contributions from two artists. Do you see 
a way that we could use both? I hate having to choose... the good thing about 
code contributions is that I don't have to choose, here it's the first time 
I'm dealing with art contributions and it seems like a different story...

To Ronnie and David: if, as I am afraid, we will have to choose between 
contributions from you two, then I would suggest that you stay at the 
sketching stage until we have chosen, so you don't turn out to have been 
losing (too much of) your time. Let's just discuss sketches for a few more 
days and we'll see which sketch captures better the spirit that we want our 
mascot to have!



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Subject: Eigen
Date: Sunday 30 March 2008
From: Ronnie Tucker <ronnie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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 I hope you don't mind me emailing you directly about the Eigen logo, its just 
that I didn't want to send an attachment to the mailing list in case it was 
stripped out.
 This is a photo of a quick sketch I had for an owl logo for Eigen. If you 
like it I can upgrade it to a proper logo in GIMP   :-D 
 All the best!
Ronnie Tucker


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