Re: [eigen] Bug in traspose

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--- Benoît Jacob <jacob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks a lot Ramon! Indeed you're right.
> There is no bugzilla, you did the right thing by posting this bug here. 
> Tuxfamily does not offer a bugzilla service, and KDE's one has a terrible 
> bug-reporting interface IMO so I'm still not sure what to do. For now the 
> number of bug reports does not justify opening a bugzilla anyway.

It weird but the krita folk are having a similar situation where their bug reporting system is
sub-par. It was suggested to use Launchpad (aka inkspace) instead...

> The fact that my unit-tests did not catch this bug is interesting (I can see 
> the reason). I will keep that in mind for the next round of unit-tests 
> improvements (alpha4?). I am also thinking that QTestLib is not very good for 
> us, actually I am already bypassing large parts of it in the main() function, 
> so we might get rid of it.

Any thoughts on which testing framework you want to switch to?
I've used CxxTest before and liked it...


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