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> I just understood the other reason why gmm++ doesn't overload operators, not 
> even assignment operators. gmm++ hasn't fully decided whether it was a 
> standalone library or a glue between other existing libraries. So it tries to 
> be easily extensible to interface with any other library. The problem is then 
> that you can't overload assignment operators from outside a class.
> This is where we can add something. We, contrary to gmm++, don't aim at being 
> easily extensible from the outside.
> Just defining our "branding" :)

Heh, we need a marketing squad for eigen2 so it'll be put up on billboard.... ;)

> Me too, as I'll be defending my phd thesis in one week! Thanks for the kind 
> words.

Wow, that's exciting. I hope you talk those professors down ;).
What your thesis on?


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