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Hi Benoit, 

> The plan is to include in eigen2 (possibly as a separate "eigen-sparse") a 
> wrapper around the sparse classes from gmm++.
> The wrapper should at least:
> - provide a nicer API than gmm++ does, for instance overloaded operators.


> - provide Qt-style copy-on-write, canceling the overhead of the overloaded 
> operators returning by value; thus it'd still not be as good as expression 
> templates but already quite good.

Wow, I guess this is a requirement.

> - allow mixing sparse types with other eigen2 types, and uniformize the 
> API as much as possible.

Yes, that makes sense

> Regarding the last point, we should at least provide 
> conversion constructors; but a nicer and more sophisticated solution would 
> be to let both both dense and sparse objects inherit a common curious base 
> class, so as to completely unify the API.

Humm, maybe this would be good to do for the dense classes for now and then it'll be easy to do
the same for the sparse classes later...

> I'd very much welcome help with the sparse stuff, as I'm already busy 
> enough with the rest :)

I'm pretty slammed by work but If i ever get a free moment, I'll look into trying to start
wrapping the sparse gmm++ classes. (but don't count on me yet :(
Anyway, keep up the good work. I love the progress...


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