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Seems like aside from me, everybody is either in favor of a namespace, or 
doesn't care.

You, Cyrille, Konstantin, Andre.

I'm generally in favor of dictatorship, but every dictator has to listen to 
the people once in a while.

So maybe, we'll revert to namespace Eigen:: instead of a prefix.

But not tonight. Let's give this whole issue more time to ripen.


On Thursday 11 October 2007 20:48:44 Schleimer, Ben wrote:
> > > Look at what Qt does. Qt classes are not encapsulated in any namespace,
> > > instead they have the Q prefix, like "QObject".
> >
> > Qt was first release at a time when namespaces were not well (if at all)
> > supported by most C++ compiler.
> I have to agree with Cyrille. It would be cleaner to use Eigen::Object
> instead of prefixing every class with Ei. Let the application programmer
> figure out which "using" statements they want to do. It'll probably be rare
> to get namespace collisions if eigen is the only matrix library used in an
> application. Plus, when Eigen3 comes out, it'll be easier for app
> programmers to which by changing the "using EigenX" instead of the prefix.
> Cheers
> Ben

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