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On Thursday 11 October 2007 21:08:09 Schleimer, Ben wrote:
> If you want your prefix so much, you can have it by
> typedef Ei2::Vector EiVector;

No, C++ doesn't allow cross-namespace typedefs, see my former reply to Andre.

I guess we'll do the following:
1) namespace
2) notice that the user almost never names the classes manually. The only 
thing he names are the matrix/vector typedefs
3) so let's provide a macro USING_EIGEN_TYPEDEFS doing a series of "using" 
such as
using Eigen::Matrix3d;

By the way, some of your mails and also mails of other persons on this list 
refer to a Vector<T, size> class template. That did indeed exist in eigen1, 
but no longer in eigen2.

For instance, our Vector3d is now a typedef for Matrix<double, 3, 1>.

There is no vector class in eigen2.

I put typedefs for fixed-size 2,3,4 and for dynamicsize (VectorXd). That 
should cover 99% of uses. Too bad we'll have to wait for C++0x to get 
template typedefs.


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