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Hi List,

I'm restarting from scratch the development of Eigen2.

I've come to realize that TVMET is too different from what I wanted to do, 
that it doesn't make sense to try to adapt it to my needs.

Out of the 12,200 lines of code in TVMET, there currently remain only 3,800 in 
my local version, and what remains is obfuscated by remnants of the initial 
complexity of TVMET.

I haven't lost my time playing with TVMET however. It taught me expression 
templates and I'm now confident that I can start from scratch.

Starting from scratch will also allow me to write expression templates that 
work at once for both fixed-size and dynamic-size dense objects. What's more, 
this is compatible with the CRTP, and the expression templates solve the 
problems that I had with the CRTP in Eigen1.

I'll probably work out some initial work locally and then commit 
to /branches/work/eigen2.


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