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Hi Everyone!

Remember when I made this silly pledge on #eigen, that 1.0 would be ready in 
2006? Well, it seems that after all it's here! I've not yet updated the 
website, but you can get it from SVN.

Changelog since 0.9.5:
* solve our loop-unrolling problems by simply unrolling by hand for the
  common sizes (which is 1,2,3,4) the loops that GCC fails to unroll
  (which is mostly the nested loops). Now Eigen performance is as good as it
  should, and I have had a close look at the assembly code produced by GCC
  to make sure. So there won't be template metapograms after all, which is
  a good thing because they obfuscate the code and make compilers suffer.
* Add methods rotate() and prerotate() multiplying a matrix by a
  rotation matrix on the right and on the left respectively, and likewise
  for scalings and translations.
* Add an example demonstrating mostly the projective-geometry stuff and
  its interaction with OpenGL. This example requires Qt4.
* Rework parts of the API, especially the methods for accessing rows and
  columns of a matrix.
* Add unary minus operator and replaceWithOpposite() methods
* Expand unit-tests, fix more compilation problems.
* Lots of things that I don't remember.

Have fun,

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