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Hi List,

time has come for another Eigen release!

So what has changed since 0.9.4? From the top of my head:

 * methods to construct special matrices (e.g. rotations).
   Here I thank Franz Keferböck who contributed part of that.
 * a new framework for projective geometry. It consists of:
     - a class template MatrixP<T, Size> for fixed-size projective matrices
       with convenient methods and operators doing what you'd expect it to.
     - functions affToProj and projToAff allowing to convert between
       projective and affine coordinate vectors.
   all of that is in projective.h, please test and report your thoughts on it.
   I did my best to address the needs of OpenGL application developers.
 * removed the old projective geometry framework, so Eigen is now a
   pure template library.
 * recursive Gram-Schmidt algorithm implemented, see
 * convenience method to construct an orthogonal/orthonormal basis
   with given first vector. Uses Gram-Schmidt in the general case, but
   handles the familiar case of dimension <= 3 differently to achieve
   better performance.
 * methods to construct random vectors, unit vectors and matrices.
 * extended tests to cover the new stuff, and fixed old bugs in the tests.
 * use <cmath> instead of <math.h>, it's more C++-ish and allowed to simplify
   util.h significantly. Not to mention it's better for portability.
 * More portability improvements, esp. in the assertions system.
 * CMake improvements by Carsten Niehaus, David Faure, Laurent Montel
   and André Wöbbeking. Now CMake can be used without a KDE4
   development environment.
 * new TODO and INSTALL, now CMake is the recommended install method for
   everyone. Improved Mainpage.dox.

What's the roadmap now? Eigen 1.0 is still scheduled for 2006, which leaves 
about 10 days. My secret hope is that I'll be able to do the template loop 
unrolling in that timespan. What a shiny 1.0 release that'd make!


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