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Hi All!

This is the ml for the E17 Ubuntu related projects. So we can talk
about the blog, the repository or Ebuntu
Thank you for making me a member.
 For, can we just link this to a part of the blog ?
If you want/can , i think you can help us a lot on the blog. We actually
have only one people who maintains the blog, so if you want write /
translate /review some article, you're welcome :)
Sure. You can expect me to work on that..

@others : manish is one of the "previous" ebuntu maintainers, and know it
'll try to help us on ebuntu related projects
he doesn't speak french (i think) , so if you can please write your message
i english know (even if you do some mistakes, like me :) )
Dont worry, my english is not good. Of course if you can teach me
french then i wouldn't mind.. heard french is the world's most
romantic language.. and i'm single :-)

Coming back to serious topics, i would like to start work on the blog
from tomorrow..

Thanks again

Warm Regards,
Manish Chakravarty
Consultant Software Developer
PH: +919886702500

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