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Main changes are transparent to the user but you'll notice a new Encoding Menu
that lets you choose Big Endian in place of Little Endian (by default). 
You will also notice that the data_interpretor_window now refreshs when a menu
item is selected. This is the consequence of code modification in the main
structure (data_window_t) in order to be able in the future to play with MDI.

Code has been severly impacted.

By the way, dos date are now correct. Are exemples that I used at first to 
code date interpretation functions mid-endian ? Someone should verify this!

Changelog follows :

        - Olivier Delhomme <heraia@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Upon suggestion from Sebastien Tricaud, changed the struct names :
            . lowercase
            . get rid of _Struct and replaced it by a _t

          * src/include/data_interpretor.h
            . added a 'current_hexwidget' pointer to the main structure in order
              to know which hexwidget we are interpreting datas (a first step
              to an MDI driven application!).

          * src/decode.c
            . cleaned the code
            . At least we have now a decode_dos_date function that retrieves
              the right date !

          * src/ghex_heraia_interface.c
            . cleaned the code and added a big_endian parameter to the
              ghex_memcpy function.

          * src/data_interpretor.c
            . cleaned the code
            . added an 'encoding' menu with a Big Endian menu item. By default
              all documents are viewed in a little endian manner.
            . changed all calls to catch the new 'current_hexwidget' pointer
              in the 'data_window_t' structure.
            . modified the call to the data_interpret initialisation function.

          * src/heraia.c
            . get the signal handling to refresh the data_interpretor here

          * docs/links
            . added a french link to an endianness explanation at debian.org
              that worth the reading time.


Olivier Delhomme.

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