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Now the data_interpretor owns a new menu that lets the user choose which
intrepreted data to look at.
The dos date should better (but there still a lot of tests to do before
I can validate this).

Changelog follows :

        - Olivier Delhomme <heraia@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
          * src/data_interpretor.c and src/include/data_interpretor.h
            . modified the Data_Window_Struct to add a menubar and a menu
            . deleted the previous display_xxx vars
            . modified the code to add that menu. Now you can choose what you
              want to display. By default, 32 and 64 bits are not displayed.

          * src/decode.c and src/include/decode.h
            modified the decode_dos_date : added the date_and_time structure
            and also changed things in order to calculate the date correctly.
            This need some testing and improvements.

          * heraia.csv
            This is a new file that contains the following fields separated by
            tabs :
            filename, size, md5, sha1, ripemd160



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